Hacking Midi Hardware from the 80s

The next ScotLUG meeting will be on Thursday 28th May at the usual spot, the Electron Club in the CCA. We should be kicking around the Electron Club around 7:00PM.

This month we’ve got a talk by Gordon Pearce about his adventures with Midi Hardware from the 80s, the Forth Programming Language and how he has been hacking the internals of these devices for the past several years.

Open Source and Q&A As always, we’re going to have a 20 minute session at the end for a Linux or Open Source Q&A session. It is our hope that you can use this time to work on/ with a project that you’re really passionate about, if not get advice on how to go about doing this.

We will be adjourning to a local bar afterwards, the exact location to be confirmed as we need to check on availability of space at the CCA Bar.