Etherpad and Digital Glasgow

The next ScotLUG meeting will be on Thursday 29th of September at the usual spot, the Electron Club in the CCA. We should be kicking around the Electron Club around 6:45PM. We will be aiming to start the talk at 7:30PM.

This month we have a meeting in two parts, kindly led by Martin, the details being as below.

Part 1: Have you ever noticed just how inefficient it is to send messages around to assemble a single document? Even assembling chunks and revision control has problems. Live collaborative text editing broke through first on the Mac with SubEthaEdit and later went mainstream when Google adopted it for their Wave project - Wave was later culled by Google and spun out to an Apache project. Most people who have experienced it have used GoogleDocs - but if you don’t want to be forced to get everyone a gmail login or want to collaborate privately what to do? We’ll show you how to set up an etherpad on a machine..

Part 2: Glasgow should be a beacon of digital progress and not a laughing stock. Recent reports suggest the city as a local authority is looking at outsourcing its IT provision completely to CGI. What do you think of this and what would you want from the City’s IT? What should a Digital Glasgow look like? Contributions from the group will be collated on an etherpad create in Part 1.