How NixOS changed my life

The next ScotLUG meeting will be on Thursday 29th June at the usual spot, the Electron Club in the CCA.

We should be kicking around the Electron Club around 7:00PM.

We will be adjourning to a local bar afterwards, the exact location to be confirmed on the night as we need to check on availability of space at the CCA Bar.

This months talk has been kindly offered by Linus Heckemann.

How NixOS changed my life

Nix, dubbed “the purely functional package manager”, provides a wonderful solution for many of the problems I found myself having while working with traditional package managers and with docker. NixOS is a Linux distribution based on Nix, which provides the power of declarative functional configuration to set up the whole OS. In my talk, I hope to convince you of how wonderful NixOS is too!