September Pub Meet

This month, we’re having a pub meet, as the CCA remains closed due to the Mackintosh building fire exclusion area

We’ll be grabbing our usual spot in The Hengler’s Circus pub from around 1830 on-wards. Come along to catch up, get a drink and food if you want.

New people are very welcome to come along to this, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t been to anything before, we will still talk to you :-)

The Hengler’s Circus is part of the Wetherspoon’s chain and is located at 351–363 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3HU. Our usual spot is in the “dinning” area to the right of the entrance as you go in, at the end of the bar there are a couple of steps up. Where exactly we sit there depends on where we can get space, though often next to the window. There is also no requirement to order food to be able to sit there if you don’t want any