Writing Apps more quickly (or why you should develop a good workflow) - Peter Kinnaird

This month, Peter Kinnaird has kindly offered to give us a talk on his experiences with Rapid Application Development in the real world!

A short talk with tips and recommendations for being able to develop more quickly and with less distractions, along with recommendations of tools and resources to spend less time wasting time. Including examples of where we are going with our workflow at his day job with Stream-Communications.

Open Source and Q&A

As always, we’re going to have a 20 minute session at the end for a Linux or Open Source Q&A session. It is our hope that you can use this time to work on/ with a project that you’re really passionate about, if not get advice on how to go about doing this.

Where time allows, we may also get a chance to speak about some exciting plans for the rest of 2014 (Watch this space!).


attendance: 15

pub-time: 20:20