Hackathon Special

This month we’ve got a few short talks for you. A bit of a Hackathon Special!

Glasgow Future Cities Hackathons

Rob Wilson will be speaking to us about his teams recent entry into the Glasgow Open Hackathon, with a bit of background into actually competing at the event! Slides

Int Space Apps Challenge 2014

William Nelson will be telling us about the International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC), with the different challenges that have been set and how to get involved. Slides

Scotlug Website

Kenny will be talking about plans for the new website, and taking suggestions for cool new features that we should be building and supporting!

Open Source and Q&A

As always, we’re going to have a 20 minute session at the end for a Linux or Open Source Q&A session. It is our hope that you can use this time to work on/ with a project that you’re really passionate about, if not get advice on how to go about doing this.

We’ll be adjourning to the CCA bar afterwards for more of a chat and a bit of a chill-out.

Hope to see you all there!


attendence: 16

pub-time: 21:25